Ennea Type 1 Personality – The Perfectionist (Enneagram Series)

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I’d like to discuss here the Ennea Type 1 personality described by the Enneagram.

The Ennea Type 1 personality is the “Perfectionist”, or “Refiner” or “Reformer”. This personality type works hard to “get it right”. Its basic desire is to be good, to be right, appropriate, correct.

They care for society’s rules. They set high standards for themselves that they expect to meet.  And to meet these high standards, they will self-sacrifice, set aside their own interests.

The go-to passion of the Type 1 is resentment. Because they hold themselves to very high standards, obligations and burdens, they resent when others slack off, quit half-way through, let themselves off the hook…

Unfortunately for the Type 1, their desire for perfection and sense of obligations led them down the road to unhappiness, joylessness.

We want to help Type 1s to find a sense of joy. We will work on their propensity to judge by helping them to learn not to judge, not to assess, to offer generous thoughts, to cut people some slack. And this will lead them to live a happier life.

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